Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Cowbell

Well, kids, you haven't seen the last of me yet. It was either me or one of my parents who took the video camera in my room, left it on the table which is within my reach, after which a disorganized pile of hand-me-downs covered and hid it for weeks.

Those weeks are over, though, and we celebrated today by taking several videos for your viewing enjoyment. Here we present just two, which happen to be the least lame ones of the bunch. The first one speaks for itself. My mom is saying "boom" because that's what I usually say when I throw a ball. I guess it's kind of endearing or something. Anyway...

Now what we have in this next one is some not-sleeping, which happened last night. I had an unexplained high fever (39 degrees C, since the thermometer was stuck on metric units), and this made sleeping totally uncool, for me and both my parents. I was fine by this morning, but I did discover a great little show called Yo Gabba Gabba! on YouTube with mom. This is a show that is a little strange, but completely redeemed by the fact that it was created in part by the band leader (aka The Bat Commander) from The Aquabats, which, in my considered opinion, are one of the best bands to come out of the late-90s Orange County ska movement.

Here's me dancing the night away to this song. It was the only prescription for my fever:

"Listening and dancing to music is AWESOOOOME!"

In other news, one morning I woke up with something really funny going on with my hair, especially seeing as how I sleep on my tummy. This might not look that crazy, but since I was born basically bald, and continue to be so, anything hair-related is cause for celebration.

And here's me loving the attention, first thing in the morning:

Today we went on something of a field trip to a park in the neighboring town of Gilbert. There was a wicked-awesome duck pond there, but for some reason, the native peoples of this civilization have the strange custom of throwing bread into the water for the ducks to eat. The ducks, apparently not opposed to bread soaked in pond water, eat it right up, and even fight over it.

My dad duly taught me how to perform this bizarre and pointless ritual, then handed me a piece to throw in. Seriously? I'm going to give a perfectly good piece of bread to THOSE guys? So I popped it in my mouth without hesitation, which was hilarious to all the adults in my vicinity.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Food Network

Do you think I could have my own cooking show?

It needs a little work, but I got potential. Lots of it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Exploration and Discovery

I like to explore my surroundings. Now that I can walk - like a pro, I might add - my exploring skills have improved by leaps and bounds. Or at least I can see higher up and therefore see more things that I want to touch. Lately I've discovered the following:

1. Hairbrushes and chapstick are not as exciting as they first appear.

2. Wax paper - let the good times roll

3. A place called the library has great long rows of books that are perfect for me to cruise down. Seriously, I could spend a good 20 minutes cruising before I even notice the books.

4. I move faster when my shoes are on my hands. I move so fast sometimes that my mom only gets a blur of me on her camera.

5. Using an exercise ball provides a great workout. My mom bounces it down the hallway and I bring it back if it doesn't come back. My dad says that this is what dogs do, but I dare Amber to ever come near this one.

6. Loading the dishwasher is a piece of cake. My cell phone, truck, and race car were looking a little dingy so I decided to load them up while my dad was doing dishes.

7. My new birthday swimsuit makes me look ultra buff - as opposed to just regular buff. Watch out ladies!