Monday, January 24, 2011

Green Boots

Last week Rigby and I were visiting at a friends house. It was there that he discovered rain boots. They were pink polka dotted and he thought they were amazing. When the owner of the boots demanded them back, he took manners into his own hands. Rigby let me know that he wanted his own boots. Our conversation was delightful.

Rigby was sitting all sad and mopey.
Me: Rigby why are you sad?
Big Rig: I can't like those boots. Madeline's boots.
Me: Did you like wearing those boots?
BR: Yeah.
Me: Do need a pair of boots?
BR: (face brightens) Yeah! Green boots!
Me: Really? You need green boots?
BR: Yeah!
Me: Maybe we can look for some next time we are at the store.
BR: C'mon momma! Go to store! Find green boots!
Me: We can't go to the store right now. We'll go later.
Rigby played for another 10 minutes then came back.
BR: C'mon momma! Go to store! Find green boots!

When we got to the store, Rigby was so excited. On our way to the shoes section, we stopped by the big boy underwear. We saw undies with Lightning McQueen, Buzz Lightyear, and Yo Gabba Gabba. I asked him if he was ready to use the potty and he said "Yes!" We will see how this pans out. He did love the idea of having Lightning McQueen on his bummy. But back to the boots.

In the shoe section, there were a few options. As he tried a few pairs on, we had another great conversation.

I hand 2 sizes of green boots to Rigby. He tries on the first pair.
Me: How do those feel?
BR: I can't like these ones.
Me: Are they too small?
BR: Yes.
He tries on the second pair.
Me: Do you like those ones?
BR: I can't like these ones.
Me: Why?
Rigby eyes some another pair on the shelf.
BR: Try black boots?
I hand him a pair of black firefighter boots. He tries them on and walks around for a little bit.
Me: Do you want to get those ones?
BR: Yeah! No. I can't like these.
Me: What boots are you going to get? Or should we go home now?
BR: Try green ones.
Me: You want to try the green ones on again?
BR: Yes. I like these ones.
He walks around in the green boots and resists taking them off to go pay for them.

Our arrangement was that if he wanted to get the boots, he needed to carry them to the check out counter. There was one point where he handed the them to me, but I put them down and walked away. He quickly grabbed them again and carried them the rest of the way. He held them on the drive home and insisted on wearing them the moment we got home. These boots are now his first choice in footwear. That paired with his signature hat and this kid is fashion forward - setting trends left and right.