Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Computer Tech

Grandma took me to her computer lab before school started. She needed help setting up the lab, so I lent her my expertise for the afternoon. Check out my mad skills in action.

This keyboard needed inspecting, so I took a look at it. It was in working order as far as I could tell. I did need to plug it into a computer to be 100% sure. I ran out of time, and more importantly interest, before a complete analysis could be performed.

The most enjoyable aspect of this commissioned job (I got a glowing frog ball out of it) was exploring the lab. There were so many desks to crawl under, buttons to touch, and mice to catch.

And by the way, you're welcome!

Monday, August 24, 2009

One Whole Year Old!

Sorry to have kept you all waiting, but I've been learning to walk. Now that I have that mastered, I'll catch you up on the excitement of this month. At the beginning of this month, I had a birthday! Never before had I eaten cake. It was pretty good, but frankly I prefer ice cream over frosting. There were two different parties for me. The first party was with my cousins when they left AZ. They left before my actual birthday, but they talk so much about wanting sweets and such that I couldn't let them leave without giving them another reason to eat cake.

Mom made brownie cupcakes and covered them in frosting. At first, I had no idea what to do with it. The frosting felt funny and it stuck to my hands.
I would have eaten the thing whole, but Mom broke it into pieces for me. I took the largest piece and shoveled that into my mouth. Yum-o!
It may have been all the attention, the stickiness of the frosting, or the coldness of my belly (I spilled water all down my front), but not long after all the birthday fuss started I was so over it. I was ready to get out of that chair and away from that mess.

The second party was with my Grandma and her posse from CA. They came over just for me! Great Grandmama even came. She really likes to tickle my toes.

This party went down much like the first. I played with the cake a little bit and then was quickly over it. Had the cakes consisted of yogurt melts, the outcome would have been much different.

FYI, this is how I spent most of my birthday - pulling out the side table drawer, emptying all of its contents, and standing (or sitting) inside it. Obviously, I know how to party.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Science Rules

On another outing with my cousins, we went to the Arizona Science Center. I enjoyed playing with legos,

seeing an airplane up close and personal,

being the master in control of something cool,

and holding ping pong balls for my cousin while he built a pipe route.

My favorite moment of all was when I discovered a plethora of wooden cars that were just right to fit in my hands. It was like this little area was made for me.

There was a little house where I cooked cars for dinner. Yum!

Anyone want some sauteed ice cream truck? Anyone?
I was sad when it was time to leave. Next time we go, I vote that I should just start with the cars and stay with them while everyone else plays with the big kid stuff.