Sunday, February 22, 2009

Doing My Part To Put "Food" On The Table

I think these people may be onto something. I mean- let's face it- now that I'm eating solid food, I'm producing a lot more... you-know-what. That's gotta be bad for the environment.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Even if he can't pronounce "Tempe" correctly...

Hey gang. I just thought I'd give you an update today since President Obama was in Mesa this morning. Now, all ideological convictions aside, it's not often that the President comes to your town, least of all to a place that's a 15-minute walk from your front door. With that in mind, my parents watched his speech on the tube today. As usual, though, I wasted no time in stealing the spotlight, as you will see here.
I sort of decided I was done being on the couch, but at the same time, I didn't want to be on the floor. You'll see what I mean:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Soon We'll Be Happy In The Place We Are"

Today we start off with a little trivia for everyone's gee-whiz collection, in honor of my new place of residence.
The city of Mesa in Maricopa county, now with an estimated population of 460,155, was incorporated in 1883 with a population of 300. It is part of the greater Phoenix area, which has the distinction of being the U.S. metropolitan area with the highest number of days over 100 degrees F per year. The average overnight low in August, the month of my birth, is 80 degrees. Maricopa county was also the most populous county in America, at 3.9 million, to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket in 2008. The main east-west corridor through our fair city is U.S. 60, locally known as the Superstition Freeway (Personally, I'm not superstitious. I'm a little stitious...) Part of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure was filmed in Mesa at the Golfland/Sunsplash waterpark.

As promised, I have some videos and pictures for everyone. I think all of these were taken in Provo, since my dad only figured out yesterday where he packed the camera. This one is of me actually crawling, which was quite a thrill for all involved, as you can see:

It was such a thrill that I actually soiled myself at one point in this video (about 1:00):

Moving wasn't easy... all that lifting, packing, and cleaning... just watching it happen made me never want to grow up. But I did help in whatever ineffectual way I could. Like in this one, these boxes aren't going anywhere on my watch:

I turned six months old a while back, and you know what that means... baby food time! Rice cereal was all right, but they don't compare to peas and squash.
In other news, recently I've rediscovered the joy of being outside. It used to feel like walking into a freezer, but now it's just like it was around the beginning of time and history as we know it (early last fall)- not bad at all.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Well I Made My Way Back Down To The Valley..."

Notice anything different? If not, don't get too down about it. See over on my profile where it says where I live? Yep. That right there is the reason I haven't posted in so long. The day after I turned six months old, me and mom walked into a huge metal can with seats, and when we got out it was warm, and I was in a faraway, yet vaguely familiar place. Dad followed us down on Sunday with what looks to be all of our stuff.

Dad wanted me to say this: To all the naysayers and other concerned citizens out there, while this decision was made somewhat in haste, it was not taken lightly. In fact, I'm surprised it took us as long as it did to come to the conclusion that, put simply, Utah just can't hold us anymore.

Keep your eyes out for pictures of me crawling, eating baby food, and enjoying our new desert digs. Peace.